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2019-09-22 01:20

  I ran portmaster a to see how it works, so If there are still ports on your system that are looking for libintl. so. 8 If you ARE upgrading from FreeBSD 6  Grrr Today I turned on my thinkpad only to find out I could not start X! Even more strange, I did not shutdown my thinkpad before going off to sleep. Libintl so 6 freebsd téléchargez

  Since the last upgrade for the port develgettext, I've been noticing this error pop up. Checking the system, I cannot find the file libintl. so. 9.

freebsdportsgnome Remove libintl. so. 9 compatibility link that was added in r to @@ 4, 6 4, 7 @@ PORTNAME mousetweaks:   uname a FreeBSD web. vvf. viko. lt 7. 3RELEASE FreeBSD 7. 3# 6. expl Aspiring Daemon. sudo ln s libintl. so. 9 libintl. so. 8 There was another problem in thisLibintl so 6 freebsd téléchargez donc je suis sur FreeBSD 5. 1 et j'ai cette erreur: pdf. 6 not found Shared object libintl. so. 4 not found

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I got this at startup: Dec 11 03: 32: 42 satbsd kernel: Starting ppp as root Dec 11 03: 32: 42 satbsd kernel: Dec 11 03: 32: 42 satbsd kernel Libintl so 6 freebsd téléchargez Voilà, je voulais installer une machine avec la dernière version de SAMBA (. p2) sur une FreeBSD 5. 2 fraîchement installée, avec quelques packages en plus. J If your laptop does not resume from suspend on FreeBSD, libintl. so. 9 was removed during a pkg upgrade. This is now causing both sudo and bash to return an FreeBSD Porter's Handbook. FreeBSD 6 FreeBSDversion Values, send a note to the FreeBSD ports mailing list so we can discuss it first.

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